A  Costume for Charly

Hi! You might be here for the amazing authors I spotlight or maybe here for my book. Or maybe you are here to understand my identity. I admit I am not good with all this website stuff, and I am missing all the cute PB items peeps have.

I will try and explain the best I can.

CHARLY is me. I knew early on I was "different." And this was in the age of the 1980's. No one wanted to acknowledge my existence or the existence of many others who identified by gender or sexuality or both. It was hard to even talk about with both family and friends.

I am lucky I had a mentor who lived down the street. She--she passed from cancer--a man who transitioned to being a woman. She recognized me and my identity the moment we met. (The world was a better place for having her in it. Wally. I love and adore you still.) 


We lived in a neighborhood that didn't welcome this. Come Halloween, I decided I had a novel idea to share with some friends about how I identify. Wally, along with Liping who lived in my neighborhood and taught ELA at the college level, made my costume. I helped a bit, but they truly made me. I was a mix between princess and prince (revealed to mixed reviews from others).

Being bigender encompasses too many peeps to mention. Some of us are born Intersex, some of us transition and feel both, and some of us feel a duality on the inside. 

Some of us identify as Trans and some of us identify as Non-binary. 


We don't just "discover" this. We've known our entire lives. We might not have the term to describe us, but we know. 

Our pronouns are infinite. We can identify with pronouns no one knows about.

Thank you for stopping by!