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All About CK

CK (they/them) is super proud of being a Bigender (technically born Intersex) Neurodiverse kidlit author. When they aren't writing, you'll find them speaking, teaching, cooking, singing, learning the language of their grandmother, playing music, and shooting hoops with students. 


They enjoy a relatively calm life with the human of their dreams and their pets. You can find them on Twitter @CKMalone2. They follow back those who love and accept other writers in all their glorious intersections.

CK is often asked why their website isn't more "kid-friendly." For themself, they require calming palettes. They even read picture books a couple of pages at a time over hours or days or weeks. So, in order to edit their own site, they need neutral colors. They also do not include many pictures because they dislike images as they do not show their identity to the fullest. 

Continually praying for my new friend, Trevar. Anyone who visits, please pray for my friend and for his success. 


Their work is represented by Dan Cramer of Page Turner Literary Agency. 

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