Being Bigender

My Bigender identity is very important to me. This is just one source to aid parents and readers about the Bigender identity. For more sources, please visit my Resources page. 

The Bigender Identity

Being Bigender encompasses a variety of people. Some are born Intersex, some transition and yet still feel both, and some are a duality on the inside. 

Some identify as Trans and some identify as Non-binary. While some identify as neither and some identities are a different variation entirely.


We don't discover this as some might claim we do. We've known our entire lives. We might not have the term to describe ourselves when we are children, but we know--and always knew--we are beyond the binary. 

Our pronouns are infinite. We can identify with pronouns no one knows about or can define. We can have a masculine lean (he/they), a feminine lean (she/they), no lean at all (they, them), use both masculine and feminine pronouns (he/she), or all three (he/she/they). Note: These are the popular pronouns but by no means the only ones available. Also, to use they/them pronouns a person does not have to identify equally masculine and feminine as I do. 


No matter what, we do have a right to be here, to have our voices heard, and to have equal access. We, at the end of the day, are human like everyone else.

Here is a starter list of other pronouns. As you can see, there are so many to choose from when deciding. While CHARLY does not use neopronouns--I didn't want to step on the toes of peeps who do--there are some great picture books out there about pronouns!

Bigender Authors to Support

Note: This list will be updated as I learn about more Bigender authors. Thank you! 

James-Beth Merritt, author of Bi-gender, A Candid Nonbinary Memoir

Anna-Marie McLemore, author of When the Moon Was Ours

Jasmine Skye, author of Daughter of the Bone Forest

Mia Siegert, author of Somebody Told Me

R.B. Lemberg, author of The Unbalancing

Annette Covrigaru, author of Reality in Bloom