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Hi, friends. First off, thank you for supporting all these writers. They are amazing individuals!! Secondly, thank you for even visiting my blog. I can be exhausting at the best of times. A 17-year-old child told me this. I am exhausting to be around sometimes. Oof to my messaging on any platform. I overspeak and overwrite.


I want to fill you in on submissions. I have an agent. So I won't cry about not getting this deal because I already jumped this hurdle. Dan is the best. I strive to give him success every part of every day. He took a chance on me and I will try to repay that for the rest of my life. I will also try to repay Jennifer Flannery for taking him on as well as telling him I should be his first deal.

I digress. KISSED! has been on sub for an entire YEAR. I think we're on the 3rd round and many never got back to us. We had an editor take us to rounds then she ghosted us? I mean, what's that about? WTF?

I could ball my hands up and shout at the world, but for what? I have an agent and some deals. Here's the thing, friends. I haven't written anything more profound or amazing than you have written. In fact, I critted work this year I WISH I'd written. So, while I cry my little agented author tears, I'm reminded of this: Somewhere there is someone writing a story that has more depth, more brevity, and more imagination than I hold in my entire body. And this is the story that editors should publish. I don't often do resolutions, but this is mine: I need to remember there are better writers who need to be heard before I sob about a story that isn't published. I will strive to make sure THOSE authors are heard.

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