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Interesting Intersections: An Interview with J. Marlynn

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Welcome to my first blog post for Interesting Intersections! When I was contemplating what I would do to add words to the writing world, all I could think about is how many intersections all of us have in our lives. So every month (sometimes 2x a month), I will be interviewing an intersectional author (both published and pre-published) and hosting giveaways to help amplify their voices and the voices of others.

Please join me in welcoming the co-creator of #LGBTQWriMo and creator of #QWriters J. Marlynn (they/them)!

I am so excited you’re here at Interesting Intersections! We look forward to hearing about your writing space and whatever intersectionalities you or your character share. Thank you for having me! So authors always wonder what each other’s spaces look like. Can you give us a peek of your favorite writing space and how it inspires you or why you chose it?

I've slowly cultivated my space over time, and it's almost always evolving as I add new prints and trinkets! I'm very happy with my most recent revisions that make it a cozy reading space as well. I love to collect bookish things I love to inspire me.

This is positively amazing! I could spend an hour discovering new and interesting items in your space. Mine is very drab. I think I need to up my creative space game! Now, we’re dying to know about you and, if you are willing/comfortable enough to share any or all, your intersections. I fall under the trans and nonbinary umbrella. I'm agender, genderqueer, sometimes masc leaning, but mostly femme presenting. I'm bi and demisexual. Basically, I'm a queer AF blob! I'm also neurodivergent and have chronic illness (pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia).

It's wonderful to learn even more about you. The work you do with #LGBTQWriMo and #Qwriters is amazing. During this ongoing pandemic, you're helping to provide safe spaces for the community to join one another and interact. I can definitely tell you finding peeps on these hashtags has saved me a couple of times.

Does the plot of FALCON: A MASKS NOVEL or your main character mirror your intersections in any way? I always give my characters little pieces of myself in order to connect with them and make them feel more authentic. In my most recent release, Avari shares my inner Scorpio energy attitude and he's also kind of neurodivergent, and demisexual. Chayton, his boyfriend, struggles with anxiety and depression.

I obviously love your books and all the intersectionality you gave to your characters. And mirroring your own experiences really helps to make your characters so very authentic! Thank you for creating characters people can identify with while reading.

Sometimes we as authors have other authors we look up to as being an inspiration. Who is one intersectional author you find inspirational and why? I love the work Danielle Roux is doing! Queer and spooky for the win! Danielle has been very supportive of my books and I appreciate that so much!

I am SO HERE for Queer and spooky! Where can peeps find out more about you and your writing?

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok as @AmaraJLynn!

All the links are on my bio link page: Find out more about my books on my website:

Thank you so very much for joining us, J. Marlynn! Readers will have a chance to enter a Rafflecopter Giveaway for not just J. Marlynn's newest book FALCON: A MASKS NOVEL but also THIS WILL KILL THAT by Danielle Roux! One winner will be chosen through this Rafflecopter thingy. If I get it right, TBH.

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