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For All the 12x12ers We Knew Before (and Now)

Julie Hedlund.

Many picture book writers know this name. Know this person.

She has been with picture book writers for a loooooong time. She is a mentor, a fighter, a friend, and a confidant. (Sorry...I will always do a Golden Girls ref.)

As I was reflecting on the people who helped me to even think I was good enough to be a writer, I thought about 12x12. I met so many amazing people through this program. I met the people who led me to find my agent. I met the people who led my agent and me to my *gulp* future publisher. And I met my most favorite person who is my bestest CP and stands by me every single day.

Patricia Franz, I adore you. To find a bestest CP is the best thing about 12x12.

12x12 also helped me find my champion, agent Dan Cramer. None of this was possible without Julie's 12x12 program.

She has always been there for all of us. She provides opportunities for us to succeed. She provides feedback forums for us to grow. And, understanding adversity, provides safe spaces for BIPOC/LGBTQIA+ people.

So I ask you all to please join in a push day for Julie's book OVER, BEAR! UNDER, WHERE?.

The push day will be on November 1st. I will announce prizes (tiered) beginning on October 24th! There will be prizes for peeps who tweet, insta, show proof of purchase, etc.!

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