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Day #6 Giveaway Automatic Agents/Editor Entry for #OverBearUnderWhere Contest Critiques And BOOKS!!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021




All winners' gifts are ordered on the 9th of November (Julie's release day!). The Rafflecopter for AUTHOR Critiques and AGENTS/EDITOR Critiques is LIVE on 11/9/21!!!

TODAY'S AMAZING BOOKS!! (US Entries Only, Please!)

Julie's book OVER, BEAR! UNDER, WHERE? Illustrated by Michael Slack

Over and Under are two friends, and they're enjoying a day at the park. They go on the swings (Over goes over Under) and the seesaw (Under is under Over). They meet a hot-dog dog (who joins them for a hot dog). And then they spot . . . a bear! (Unbearable!) But is he really the overall scary creature they first understand him to be?

"I adore this book. Am Over Come with emotion . . . er laughter. It's Jeff Mack on steroids, and every English teacher from kindergarten up to college needs to have it. THAT good." --Jane Yolen, bestselling and award-winning author of How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

"The absurdity of the premise, which swings around to fit the wordplay, will elicit laughs, while the wordplay will entertain and challenge younger readers." --BCCB

"A whimsical 'Who’s on First'–like picture book . . . that earns its giggles." --Publishers Weekly

Kate Allen Fox's book PANDO: A LIVING WONDER OF TREES illustrated by Turine Viet-tu Tran

Pando is an inspiring tribute to a Utah grove of quaking Aspen trees connected by their roots to form one of the world's oldest and largest living things. Author Kate Allen Fox engages readers’ senses to help convey the vastness of Pando, the challenges it faces, and how we all can be part of the solution. With lyrical poetry, Fox summarizes the science, action, and compassion needed to save this wonder of nature.

About the Illustrator: Award-winning artist Turine Tran takes inspiration from children, friends, nature, and her happy childhood. Through nostalgic, dreamy images, Turine invites readers to a world where a tiny wildflower can become a fantastic wonder. Born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, Turine began her art study in 2001. Her journey led her to Singapore, France, and Scotland, where she obtained a masters of art degree in illustration from the prestigious Edinburgh College of Art.

Valerie Bolling's LET'S DANCE illustrated by Maine Diaz

Tap, twirl, twist, spin! With musical, rhyming text, author Valerie Bolling shines a spotlight on dances from across the globe, while energetic art from Maine Diaz shows off all the moves and the diverse people who do them. From the cha cha of Cuba to the stepping of Ireland, kids will want to leap, dip, and zip along with the dances on the page!

2021 Crystal Kite Award Winner Finalist, 2021 Connecticut Book Awards "Debut author Bolling presents 10 forms of dance in short, rhyming stanzas. Alongside the text are bright, spirited illustrations of children doing various dances such as Kathak (India) and Kuku (Guinea), as well as styles with origins in the United States, including break dancing and disco. Images depicting dances from the United States feature groups of children who are diverse in race, body size, and abilities. A fun and lively title." —School Library Journal

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