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Day #5 Giveaway Automatic Agents/Editor Entry for #OverBearUnderWhere Contest Critiques And BOOKS!!!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

YAY for books! PRIZES for TODAY!!!!!



All winners' gifts are ordered on the 9th of November (Julie's release day!). The Rafflecopter for AUTHOR Critiques and AGENTS/EDITOR Critiques is LIVE on 11/9/21!!!

TODAY'S BOOKS!! (US Entries Only, Please!)

Julie's book OVER, BEAR! UNDER, WHERE? Illustrated by Michael Slack

A.J. Irving's DANCE LIKE A LEAF Illustrated by Claudia Navarro

"This evocative pairing of story and art creates a tone poem and lesson, a lovely reflection on the seasons of life, and a gentle lead-in to discussion of death and renewal."--School Library Journal, starred review

This poignant, heartfelt story about the dance of life is perfect for children of every age. DANCE LIKE A LEAF is about a young girl’s journey to understanding the seasons of life as her beloved grandmother declines in health. Irving’s beautifully written text is evocative and poetic as Narvarro’s vibrant illustrations fill each page with warmth and the gentleness of a dancing leaf. The subjects of joy, loss, grief, and renewal are addressed in the story. These are not easy subjects to write about, especially in a picture book. Irving does so with such care – the story wraps the reader in a hug allowing the tears to flow and the heartfelt smiles to abound long after the story has finished. A necessary and much needed book for every home, school and library.

Ana Siqueira's BELLA'S RECIPE FOR SUCCESS illustrated by Geraldine Rodriguez

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Bella wants to find out what she's good at. But she quits everything she (barely) tries because she's a disaster at it. Her somersaults are like clumsy jirafas rolling downhill, her piano playing like elephant feet. When she decides to learn how to bake with her wise old abuela, her first attempt at dulce de leche frosting looks like scaly cocodrilo skin. She must learn it's okay to try again or she won't be good at anything. Peppered with Spanish vocabulary and set in an intergenerational Latinx home, Bella's Recipe for Success will show all kids the value of practicing to learn a new skill, and that it's okay to make mistakes along the way.

A recipe for Polvorones con Dulce de Leche is included at the back of the book so kids can have fun making their own.

"Children and adults alike will enjoy this multi-generational tale of a girl for whom achievement doesn't come easily. Little ones will laugh at her funny comparisons and identify with her failed attempts. They surely will be inspired, like Bella, to never give up and, ultimately, to enjoy the sweet taste of success. A fun recipe is a plus!" --Lynne Marie Pisano author of Let's Eat! Mealtime Around the World and The Star in the Christmas Play

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