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Day #2 Giveaway + Automatic Agents/Editor Entry for #OverBearUnderWhere!

YAY for books! PRIZES for TODAY!!!!!



On to TODAY's prizes + ENTRY for ONE LUCKY WINNER!! Anyone can enter these giveaways without purchasing a book!

All winners' gifts are ordered on the 9th of November (Julie's release day!)

#1: Julie's book OVER, BEAR! UNDER, WHERE? Illustrated by Michael Slack

(Info from Amazon)

#2 Leah Kessler's book RAT FAIR illustrated by Cleonique Hilsaca

A nearly-wordless picture book about a group of rats who mix up a sign for an Art Fair, and instead create a jolly Rat Fair. A compassionate young boy steps up to save them from the humans who would sweep their festivities away.

When a group of industrious, fun-loving rats find letters fallen from an Art Fair sign, they put the sign back together—with one small adjustment—and get to work creating a spectacular RAT FAIR. Their fair is ruined when humans sweep away everything the rats have created. Undaunted, the rats switch gears and start working on their very own Rat Art Fair. As they are wrapping up their first day of the Rat Art Fair, a human child who has been following their progress from the sidelines catches them red-handed, and the rats must decide if they can trust the child. A nearly wordless tale about how misunderstandings can lead to wonderful creativity.

“An inviting and inclusive story for all—even rats.” ― Kirkus Reviews

(info from Amazon)

#3 Carter Higgins's book CIRCLE UNDER BERRY (illustrated by Carter Higgins)

Part Sandra Boynton, part Each Peach Pear Plum; part Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, part Hippopposites—a treat for the brain and the tongue. “Using hand-painted paper to create brilliantly hued, shape-based forms that appear against a clean white backdrop, Higgins (Bikes for Sale) economically examines ways to observe color, shape, pattern, and position. . . . [D]rawing readers’ attention while achieving real grace as the items resolve into origami-like forms. . . Higgins offers seeds of conversations about naming and classification.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review “[A] striking exploration of shapes, colors, and patterns . . . The artwork is particularly distinctive, comprised of brightly hued, stylized shapes and objects created from cut-and-collaged, hand-painted papers digitally assembled on white backgrounds. . . . [Circle Under Berry is] an appealing choice for emerging readers [and] the emphasis on prepositions will aid English language learners as well.”—Booklist Reviews (info from Amazon)

(US Entries for book prizes only, please!)

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