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Day 1: #OverBearUnderWhere Giveaway! (You can enter every day!)

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Announcement: Starting today and ending on the 20th of November, send me a proof of purchase OR a picture of Julie's book to enter the Rafflecopters on the 9th of November for prizes from authors, agents, and an editor!!!

To enter the book giveaways, you only need to do one of the following or as many as you wish! (US Only, please!)

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  • QuoteTweet my post or blog post

  • Follow Julie (@JulieFHedlund)

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#1: Julie's book OVER, BEAR! UNDER, WHERE? Illustrated by Michael Slack (Info from Amazon)

Over and Under are two friends, and they're enjoying a day at the park. They go on the swings (Over goes over Under) and the seesaw (Under is under Over). They meet a hot-dog dog (who joins them for a hot dog). And then they spot . . . a bear! (Unbearable!) But is he really the overall scary creature they first understand him to be?

In this hilariously punny story that will have readers laughing out loud as they pick apart the wordplay, a pair of pals overcome their fears as they discover that friendship underpins all.

Praise for Over, Bear! Under, Where?

"I adore this book. Am Over Come with emotion . . . er laughter. It's Jeff Mack on steroids, and every English teacher from kindergarten up to college needs to have it. THAT good." --Jane Yolen, bestselling and award-winning author of How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?

"The absurdity of the premise, which swings around to fit the wordplay, will elicit laughs, while the wordplay will entertain and challenge younger readers." --BCCB

"A whimsical 'Who’s on First'–like picture book . . . that earns its giggles." --Publishers Weekly

#2: MY SISTER, DAISY by Adria Karlsson and illustrated by Linus Curci (Info from Amazon)

Daisy’s older brother is thrilled when he gets a new sibling. They are best buddies who do everything together. But in kindergarten, things change. His sibling tells him she is a girl and wants to be called Daisy. Daisy’s brother must adjust to the change―including what it means for him and their relationship. A powerful, moving picture book based on a true story, My Sister, Daisy handles a sensitive subject with warmth and love.

This book has 24 5 Star ratings on Amazon and a 4.54 on Goodreads. And this is a book I very much endorse as it is told from the brother's POV, not the child who identifies. It is a MUST HAVE. Cybil Award Nominee

#3 RAJA'S PET CAMEL: THE MAGIC OF HOPE by Anita Amin and illustrated by Parwinder Singh (Info from Amazon)

Raja had always wanted to have a pet like the happy kids in his school books did. But most yard animals in India worked. They weren't for play. Nevertheless, when Raja stumbled upon a scared, baby camel, he took her home and made her his own pet. But it wasn't long before there were smashed pots! Broken fences! And a big mess everywhere! Kamal was a wild camel with wild ways! Raja's father was not pleased. "We don't have time for camels. We're too busy herding goats," he warned.

Raja loved his new pet but his father is fed up with the mess and determined to sell her at the next fair. Will Raja find a way to keep Kamal or will they lose each other forever? This tale of unconditional love and hope is sure to enchant any child!

The best book for teaching the power of empathy and perseverance. Raja's Pet Camel by Anita Nahta Amin carries the key message of perseverance, tradition and love supported by the many advocates of positive parenting solutions. It'll sit comfortably on your shelf alongside other books that focus on overcoming obstacles and focusing on hope in the name of love. Like the work of Gaia Cornwall (Jabari Jumps) and Adir Levy (What Should Danny Do?).

This book comes with a free Reader's Guide for children. The guide is available for free download from the publisher website. Lesson plans, activities and discussion questions to allow parents, teachers and caregivers to explore the topic further and deepen comprehension.

"The exotic setting of Rajasthan, which is located in the Thar desert in northwest India, exposes readers to a different culture. The pictures accurately depict life in Rajasthan. This read-together book shows readers that people from different cultures have strikingly familiar emotional and familial similarities." —City Book Review

"A thoroughly charming and wonderfully fun picture book for children ages 5-8, Raja's Pet Camel: The Magic of Hope by author/storyteller Anita Nahla Amin and artist/illustrator Parwnder Singh will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections for young readers." —Children’s Bookwatch

US entrants only, please!!

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